• National Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration Inc.


Commercial Refrigeration in Las Vegas has unique challenges that require professional experience. Whether you run an grocery, restaurant or manufacturing plant; health inspectors will simply not accept unsafe food temperatures, and losing product will run your costs through the roof when it could easily be avoidable by calling National Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration. We are a Refrigeration company who understands your needs and can deliver professional results on a moments notice.

National Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration offer quality service on:
– Walk in coolers
– Walk in freezers
– Glass door display coolers and freezers
– Combination coolers and freezers
– Drive in refrigerators and freezers
– Cooler and freezer panels
– Wine Cooler and Cellar Refrigeration
– Industrial ice machines

We handle all installation, repairs and maintenance problems that may arise. We stand 100% behind our work.

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